Zara November

Zara really got it right again. I already got the floral blouse, next up the blazer & pants. Perfect mix of casual, dress & patterns. LIKE!



Finally decided what color . The yellowish. Might end getting all of them.

match & no match

Im all in for patterns, in pics at least. I might be to uptight to wear it myself. Well, never to late for a change.

all about florals



Made some fashion illustrations a few weeks back. Kinda came out like this. Wish I had more time for it thou.


Halloween is coming up & it sure is nice to costume-up. This year Im all into bunnies. Just make sure you choose the right kind of bunny, its a lot of pitfalls out there. Beware!

Paper mache


Also found these paper-mache bowls on Etsy, really fierce for candles & misc object. You find them here.

Another house

Well, blogin´s been bad. Life get busy sometimes I guess. But a while back I found this supreme boho-like house somewhere on the net & have to share. Get that open space craving.

Blacks & Browns

Really likes those simple outfits. Layering in blacks & browns styled with a hat, really good for the october rain.

Mind conflict

Heels or flats?