Lately we have been a little obsessed with backgammon & been trying to find the perfect backgammon board. Well, we found it but its 2000€. Well. Credit to the artist here.


Next season is quite dark at Theysken Theory F/W 12 but not in a bad way. Im not yet fed up with colors but the sheer look and loose-fit look seems lika a keeper. Hurray!


Im so longing for nature & spring. As autumn is over and winter start I always feel like Im stuck in the city. One day I will live like this. That I promise yall!


Brown & grey feels like an top-notch styling tip right now. Spice it up with some neon and its a full on. Pic from EMS EDGE.


Lately I´ve been searching for a small vintage leather sofa or armchair but with no luck. Its really a chesterfield vs minimal dilemma. Go rough or stay clean?


Sunday night, tomorrow is a great day, tomorrow I´ll start my new job! For a few years now I´ve been working with menswear, but on monday its time for a change. It feels a little weird, Im quite used to be looking at men 24/7 & now I cant do that, at least not in the business hours. But i think I live. Its gonna be soo much fun!



Saturday flowers!


If you haven’t seen the Zara/Selby promo-film you simple must must must! Just click here!


Just a nice way to plant.


All thou denim-shirts is a little worn-out, Isabel Marant makes this one interesting.